Accubits Innovation Challenge – Hackathon

Second edition of Accubits Innovation Challenge – Hackathon on Blockchain & AI. Organised by Accubits Technologies. The 40-hour hackathon will set a stage for participants to learn a lot about these technologies, how to use it for solving real-world problems and to build a product from scratch. Powered by B’hub & UST Global.

Accubits Innovation Challenge is a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to come together, collaborate and brainstorm ideas that can solve the daunting problems faced by businesses.

Hackathon, Talkshow, Mentors, product pitch, industry connects
Free snacks, coke, some cool music, meet new people, collaborate and pitch what you build in front of industry leaders.

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Technologist and AI evangelist who specializes in Neural Networks and AI algorithms. He is heading AI Research and Development at Accubits Technologies and is currently focusing on state of the art NLP algorithms using GAN networks. He has done several Tech Talk sessions and seminars on AI and related technologies around the world.

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