Introduction to Hashgraph Technology and Demo of Swirlds Implementation

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A new system, the Swirlds hashgraph consensus algorithm, is proposed for replicated state machines with guaranteed Byzantine fault tolerance. It achieves fairness, in the sense that it is difficult for an attacker to manipulate which of two transactions will be chosen to be first in the consensus order. It has complete asynchrony, no leaders, no round robin, no proof-of work, eventual consensus with probability one, and high speed in the absence of faults. It is based on a gossip protocol, in which the participants don’t just gossip about transactions. They gossip about gossip. They jointly build a hashgraph reflecting all of the gossip events. This allows Byzantine agreement to be achieved through virtual voting.

•Introduction to Hashgraph Consensus
•Fundamentals of Gossip to Gossip Protocol
•Walkthrough on Swirlds and Babble IO
•Demo on a 4 node Hashgraph implementation

What to bring
Pen, Notebook

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    January 25, 2018 6:00PM
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