About B-Hub

B’Hub is a part of Bloombloom’s online- offline model of building a global Business Ecosystem. B’Hub is a unique business networking hub in educational campuses, aimed to build local communities around innovations and entrepreneurship. It is a holistic model of having Business Centers, activity Centers, Innovation exchange centers, under one roof, not for just students, but for entire business  communities as well as academia in the region.

B’Hubs are a growing network of speciality centers. There will be 50 centers across India as well as the world. This will significantly enhance the business ecosystem around innovations. These centers not only will serve its own students & alumni community, it will serve students, entrepreneurs and the entire business community in the designated zone. Spokes would be created around these hubs, as a part of Bloombloom’s model of ecosystem building. The model will also enable industries seamlessly meet academia.

Our Services
Business Center

Workspaces | Meetup Joints | Board Rooms | Cabin Spaces | Conference Halls | Service Providers | Guest Rooms & Accommodation | Mobility | Business Services Lounges | Access to local eco system | Media center & more

Activity Center

Workshops | Talkshows | Courses | Trainings | Certificate Programs| Events | Challenges & Hackathons| Launchpad & more

Innovation & Research Center

Innovations | Research Facilities | Design Clinics | Prototyping | Incubation | Startups | Interns | Professors | Students | Schools & More