N Prashanth IAS, Collector Bro


Prashanth Nair IAS, most popular youth icon. 2007 batch Kerala Cadre Indian Administrative Service officer. He is quite famous in Kerala for coming up with unique campaigns to increase public engagement with the district administration. Mr Prashanth Nair has to his credits many unconventional campaigns like Operation Sulaimani, Compassionate Kozhikode which has impacted several lives positively. He has been the most influential youth Icon and has driven the citizens for being socially responsible and contribute towards public initiatives.

An IAS officer in Kerala, who has often been in the news for his ingenious campaigns to improve public amenities and increase youth engagement and people participation, is rated as most approachable officer of IAS cadre.

Fondly addressed as collector bro, a term used with a lot of respect and admiration for his work. A law graduate from Trivandrum Law College, Mr Prashanth is a very enterprising personality. His unconventional modus operandi has delivered much results. Owns a very persuasive personna. ‘An on the ground doer’. A trend setter in how one should respond to criticism with humorous icing!